PLEASE READ - How to post good questions

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PLEASE READ - How to post good questions

Postby rob » Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:29 pm

Hi all,

So you have a question or think you might have found a bug?

A few lines of text will not help us to help you. Please be verbose and explain:

1) What are you trying to achieve?
2) What you actually experienced?
3) Is the issue in your own code or do you believe it to be engine related?
4) How do you reproduce the issue?
5) Do you have a screenshot or video showing the subject / effect of the question or issue? <--- THIS WILL HELP A LOT!

An example of a bad question / report:

"I want to use the multiplayer features of the engine but I can't. Can somebody help me?"

Please remember that "I can't" is not a valid error code. Be specific and to the point, explain in detail what you are trying to do and where you need help.

It may take you longer to write a good question / report but it is much more likely to elicit a response from the community and get the help you need if you have made an effort to explain your issue. If you don't make an effort to give all the information then why would anyone else spend their time to ask you a ton of questions to get to the bottom of the problem and help you?

If you have written a question that does not meet these guidelines you may just receive a reply linking to this post. Please read it and modify your question accordingly.

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