ige._currentTime not what I expected

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ige._currentTime not what I expected

Postby robaldred » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:05 pm

Hi Rob,
( I could be barking up the wrong tree here)
I was under the impression ige._currentTime on the client would be: server time - network latency.
It seems to be:

serverstart - clientstart - (roundtrip / 2)

I kind of expected ige.network._latency to be half the roundtrip, as it stands it actually includes the difference between server start time & client start time.

Code: Select all
# client log:
IGE *log* [IgeSocketIoComponent] : Time sync, client clock -27511ms behind server, send timestamp: 29994, local timestamp: 2483

# server log
IGE *log* [IgeSocketIoComponent] : Time sync, server clock 27511ms in front of client, roundtrip: 0ms, send timestamp: 29994, local timestamp: 29994

This causes problems with the streamDestroy interpolation fix you implemented a few weeks ago
Because it uses currentTime - serverTime to calculate the delay until an entity should be destroyed

Code: Select all
destroyDelta = ige.network.stream._renderLatency + (ige._currentTime - data[0])

This gives me a massive negative value around -20000 it
Because it started my client around 20 seconds after i started the server

Either the syncing of ige._currentTime is wrong or the destroyDelta needs ige.network._latency taking off it.
Doing the later gives me a destroy delta of around 80 which is what id expect with a render latency of 80 and a server on localhost. I have sent a pull request with this on.

Any thoughts?
I don't work for Irrelon. All comments are my own.
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