New Project: Online Fighing Game

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New Project: Online Fighing Game

Postby CleverWalrus » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:14 pm


We are a small team of seasoned developers, most of us work in IT departments of various enterprise companies with a big focus on .Net and Java development (both back and front end).

Since Node (and JS in general) will be a major player in the future of enterprise development we decided to work on a new project that could help us increase our knowledge of this technology stack by building something of intresting and fun.

Our current goal is to build a multiplayer fighting game similar to Street Fighter / Tekken etc.

Most of our game design and conceptual architecture is done, what we need is to pick the right engine and getting our hands dirty, the last year i spent a few weeks working with IGE and i got impressed on how easy and efficent it was to setup multiplayer environments (something that we don't have a real experience with).

We have a few questions for you "experts" of IGE, i hope someone can answer and help us figure out if this is the right engine to use for our needs:

- There are plenty of "fighting game" examples written in HTML5/JS looking around google but we did not find any example on IGE, any suggestions on wich ige examples we should check out first and base our work on?
- Since a fighting game is all about fast actions and movement we are a bit concerned about the latency that we will get and how to make the game less "sluggish", what you think about this? do you have any experience on similar issues or any "trick" on how to make it feel more responsive? (without using client side prediction that is clearly out of scope in our small project)
- In general we are thinking about using a main "room" as a lobby and to instance new rooms for every pair of players with their entities, is this the proper way to handle our needs with IGE?
- We will use BOX2D for sprite collisions to register hits, do you suggest this? there is any example we can look at?
- Our goal is to ship both for desktop and mobile devices, we are going to use keyboard input for the first but we are struggling on finding how to properly build a multi-touch interface for the mobile ones, we need a left thumb directional "stick" and 4 buttons on the right side, any suggestions on how to reach this and how to show the mobile interface only for mobile devices?
- Our players will have to be authenticated so that we can keep track of their scores and match them properly, do you suggest a custom membership or to use Open ID? integrating with Facebook/Google may be the best choice, any idea?

Well for now i think i made enough questions :)

Thanks for your time.

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