Is Isogenic right for our project?

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Is Isogenic right for our project?

Postby MarkyD » Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:01 pm


I am sorry if this is the wrong area to ask this question.

My son and I are working on a project to allow dart players to play each other remotely on real dart boards.

The idea would be to show a list of available players that are currently online. They could then challenge someone to a game.

This exists in the taverns, but due to vendor/tavern politics these companies have never released an "in home" version.

We have successfully connected a dartboard to our computer and programmed some darts games in Python.

Well, we found out, through months of hard work and searching, that while we have been able to play "remotely" on our home network, Python isn't too friendly allowing online multi-player games. Maybe we are wrong, but due to the struggles, I went searching for better programming languages and game engines that may help in our quest.

I came across Isogenic, and am hoping this platform is a step in the right direction.

Again, I apologize if this isn't the correct area for this post, but if anyone on here can give us hope that isogenic is a (the) way to go, that would be sweet.

I like the idea of this being web based - as long as there is a way in which we can make it appear to be a desktop game upon firing up the board. Also, not allowing the player to close the window, etc.

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