pointToTile fine, tileToPoint gives unexpected result

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pointToTile fine, tileToPoint gives unexpected result

Postby robaldred » Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:55 am

I've noticed an issue with the tileToPoint method on IgeTileMap2d whilst trying to work out how to resolve my issues with the path finder teleporting.
I've been able to replicate the issue on 9.5-goto-path-finder

So given that I have a tileMap with tiles 40x40
And I have a point = IgePoint3d(140,300,0)

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tileMap.pointToTile(point) => tilepoint = IgePoint3d(3,7,0) // as expect
tileMap.tileToPoint(tilepoint) => IgePoint3d(-260,-100,0) // what's going on here?
// surely this should be the opposite of pointToTile? I was expecting to get IgePoint3d(140,300,0)

I've tried various combinations of toIso, or to2d on the point but I can never arrived at the same value.

I think tileToPoint is returning a point based on the origin of the tilemap being the centre of the tileMap
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