Examples. Assets location, relative path consistency, B.P?

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Examples. Assets location, relative path consistency, B.P?

Postby twobob » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:54 pm


In the examples some assets are referenced as ../assets and some as ./assets

easy enough to get a couple of (file limited) lists via

ige/examples$ grep -R --fixed-strings --include="client.js" --include="index.html" "'./assets/" ./


ige/examples$ grep -R --fixed-strings --include="client.js" --include="index.html" "'../assets/" ./

is there a best practice for this? or am I missing something?



Also I see all the "engine" calls are referenced via ../../ (since in the original demos that folder is indeed ../../) whereas I currently have mine as ../ige/engine,

Assumedly the "published" path when the "deploy" is invoked is "the sensible one" (I did read the post about NOT having the ige folder on the server) ,

What is the Best Practice. Deploy, shove on server. forget. right?



(I am sure you already know that example videos are out of date, for example the "blank_game" folder does /not/ contain any gameClasses folder)



I also note that the "Electricals" entity seemingly does not place correctly in the 101 isoIsland demo (attached)
wonky-Electricals.png (182.75 KiB) Viewed 4364 times

the bounds seem "off"

wonky bounds
errant-bounds.jpg (111.55 KiB) Viewed 4362 times

this is in contrast to the "default" singular one placed "in code"

default-bounds-ok.jpg (243.51 KiB) Viewed 4361 times

This issue is in the ige "master" version,

Code: Select all
.translateTo(-7, 16, 0)
in ClientObjects.js will fix the newly placed ones but break the default one...

The "dev" branch demo currently crashes with an error on addition of an item and also incorrectly draws the .drawGrid(40) request as a 3x3 square

(probably one of the breaking changes in action)

Again - thought I should report


Oh and in the comments

For a full readout of the scenegraph at any time, use the
JS console and issue the command: ige.scenegraph();

However that gives us:

TypeError: Object #<IgeClass> has no method 'scenegraph'
message: "Object #<IgeClass> has no method 'scenegraph'"

I will note any other potential example inconsistencies on this thread to save "noise".

Doubtless much of this may be PEBCAK on my part but I thought I better ask.
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