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Chrome + windows stutters terribly when browser is wide

PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:44 pm
by rmoskal
This is doozy of a problem which is always the case on chrome and windows (7 and 8). We've tried dozens of machines.

You can see this quite clearly on our staging server.

Just click on the "Overworld 64 Test", and walk the hero slightly northwest through the gate. You'll be spawned onto a new map. Now move the hero southwest down the street (past the first barricade) and turn northeast down the street with the flipped over car.

If your browser window is full screen and you move around near the buildings, the hero animation stutters terribly and is terribly hard to interact with the hero. Moving away from buildings improves things.

The strange thing is that you can fix this simply by resizing the browser window so that it is taller than it is wide. After resizing, you may have to click around a bit, but shortly performance becomes excellent. I discovered this this morning and my whole team can reproduce it. We are using the EntityManager and auto sectioning

A little background. We started to notice this behavior when we switched our tile size from 200x100 to 128x64.

If anyone else would like to take a look at this issue, or have a look at what we're working on, email me and I'll provide credentials.

Thanks and regards,

Robert Moskal
CTO, Dark Roast Media