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TexturePacker Custom Exporter

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:30 am
by Sandstedt
I recently created a custom exporter for TexturePacker (requires the full license) for the Isogenic Game Engine.
(Guide how to make one here:

Place these files in a folder named isogenic in your custom exporter folder (Set this in TexturePackers's Preferences > Exporter Directory).

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<exporter version="1.0">

    <description>Isogenic Game Engine exporter for TexturePacker</description>
            <description>IGE js custom exporter for TexturePacker</description>



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// Created with TexturePacker (
// Sprite sheet: {{texture.fullName}} ({{texture.size.width}} x {{texture.size.height}})
// {{smartUpdateKey}}

self.gameTextures.{{texture.trimmedName}} = new IgeSpriteSheet('assets/{{texture.fullName}}', [
   {% for sprite in allSprites %}[{{sprite.frameRect.x}}, {{sprite.frameRect.y}}, {{sprite.frameRect.width}}, {{sprite.frameRect.height}}, "{{sprite.trimmedName}}"]{% if not forloop.last %}, {% endif %}{% endfor %}

This is an example of the generated JavaScript file:
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self.gameTextures.sprite = new IgeSpriteSheet('assets/sprite.png', [
   [1, 1, 177, 427, "sprite-01"], [1, 430, 177, 427, "sprite-02"], [1, 859, 177, 427, "sprite-03"], [1, 1288, 177, 427, "sprite-04"]

Restart texture packer and then you can choose IGE from the Framework export settings.

Re: TexturePacker Custom Exporter

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 3:44 pm
by Sandstedt
Kurobuta wrote:How do I fix ?? help me plz.

what do you need help with?

Attached the files in 2 zip files so you dont have to copy paste :)