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New Documentation System

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:16 am
by volkans80

I started to change documentation sytem and i want to know your opinion about.

Hey Rob i am curious about your opinion maybe we can merge it your stable. What do you think?

I am already using Sencha's JSDuck for other projects. It is advanced documentation generator for Sencha's products but it can be usable for other JS frameworks. Then i want to try for IGE and it works good.

I started changing comment lines for JSDuck but sometimes i can't figure out return types or parameter types. So i need to familiar coders fix some comment line tags. I created some example, guide, startpage, video pages from current docs and website.

For testing, my stable branch is here. You can download and look for it and specially look at IgeEntity, IgeEngine, IgeClass, IgeObject. Other classes are not reviewed but it looks acceptable.

New documentation path is docs/index.html.
I put generator files to tools/doc-generator folder.
For regenerating documents you can start tools/doc-generator/GenerateDocs.bat.
Help for comment line tags and JSDuck click here.

Sorry for mistakes for English language.

Re: New Documentation System

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:33 pm
by volkans80
- It is single page all process works with ajax.
- It is using tab system. We can open multiple documents at a time. (Also examples, videos or guides)
- Ready for integrate our examples, guides, videos. (I already make some examples for ige)
- We can design a home page for documentation. (I already make example home page)
- We can search any class name, method name, event name, property name on any time any page.
- We can define namespaces for classes and system hierarchically shows it like folders. (I already make namespaces for classes and i used your folder names as namespaces. But if there is better idea we can change it)
- We can make versioned documents. For example every released version can have own documentation.

When reading a documentation of class:
- You can view all methods, properties, events. Not only this classes also inherited classes.
- You can view all members with menu. (Quick list of all members)
- You can hide or show public, protected, private, inherited, accessor, deprecated, removed.
- You can view classes hierarchy, inherited mixins, requires, files.
- You can search and filter class members.
- You can view any method, property or events source code with one click. (Not only opening source code. It is opens source code and scrolls to method, property or events defined line.)
- You can use markdown in all descriptions like wiki.
- You can use examples in descriptions. Also if we configure it we can use runnable examples in descriptions.
- You can view all Types and click them to jump.
- You can describe all return types. For example if method returns a undefined new object you can also describe its members.

Hey Rob this list is my first remembered :) But i think you should see it. It is very good and very useful. My clone have this doc system. If you download it please specially look at IgeEntity, IgeEngine, IgeClass, IgeObject. Other classes are not reviewed but it looks acceptable.

Re: New Documentation System

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:02 pm
by volkans80