Optimize entities redraw

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Optimize entities redraw

Postby Epsilon » Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:30 am

Hi Rob,

It looks like I've found one worst thing which I want to optimize completely.

Right now I have a big map of 100x100 tiles where some tiles was converted to entities. In case I have converted 100 tiles, it works very fun and fast. But unfortunately I need some more tiles to be animated and converted to entities. Even all.

I've noticed if I have 500 and more entites, my FPS become slow down rapidly. Looking at Stats On I made a idea about that is possible Engine is refreshing ALL the entities 60 times per second. Even those which not animated and not moves. Even those which are off-screen.
I need to find a way to optimize this.

First, I don't need to refresh off-screen entities, definitely. From those 10000 tiles I can see simultaneously only 1800 tiles.

Second, I don't need to refresh entities with 60 times per second. I just don't have so smooth animation. My maximum frequency of animation is 8 frames per second.

Third, actually I need to refresh only those entities which are changed. It means in case entity does not changed it's position/rotate/etc and it has no animation, it is not mandatory to redraw it at all.

What is the best technique can you recommend for this in boundaries of Isogenic Engine? Can it be configure somehow?

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