IgeUiButton does not work with Font style setting

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IgeUiButton does not work with Font style setting

Postby Cipher » Fri May 15, 2015 2:36 am


I try to use font setting with style at IgeUiButton object, but it doesn't work.

Code: Select all
        ige.ui.style('.button', {
            'color': '#f9ecd8',
            'borderRadius': 2,
            'backgroundColor': '#1C1510'

        ige.ui.style('.button:hover', {
            'backgroundColor': '#ee7d4d'

            new IgeUiButton()
                        'font': '2em Open Sans',
                        'width': 80,
                        'height': 30,
                        'bottom': 20
                    .padding(50)  //it also doesn't work

Thanks for reading, any guidance or input is appreciated.
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Re: IgeUiButton does not work with Font style setting

Postby rob » Tue Sep 29, 2015 4:32 pm

Hi ya,

I don't know if an "em" unit will work, can you try "px" units?

Also what style in particular is not working? It's difficult to see what is wrong from just the image.

I didn't think OpenSans would display any different font for foreign language either. Can you provide more information about what you expected to change and what has not changed?
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