Can Isogenic handle big online multiplayer g like Warcom..?

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Can Isogenic handle big online multiplayer g like Warcom..?

Postby Jason4Ever » Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:52 am

Hello ,

I know that i'm inside forum of the most powerful isometric HTML5 game engine.

Frankly I'm confused between using Flash and HTML5. I'm Java developer , and i want to build an online game like (Warcommander) on facebook , so there are mulitplayers, multi tiles, enemies, lots of animated armors, and lot of animations.

so I'm new to both of HTML5 (Isogenic) and Flash , as I know most of big commercial games are build on Flash so they are successful. so what about Isogenic ? i know that there are ready isometric games built on it , but the question here is it capable of building big game with all of what i mentioned above ? is it capable of rendering with high speed and less memory consumption ? or i have to wait some years until HTML5 be more supported and stable ?

And why i have to you Isogenic instead of Flash ?

Advice pleas and apologize for my strange question but your frank answers will help me much.
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Re: Can Isogenic handle big online multiplayer g like Warcom

Postby robaldred » Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:08 pm

There are many reasons why you'd want to develop a game in HTML5 Canvas instead of Flash.
The most common reason would be device support.
Flash support especially on mobile devices is rapidly reducing.

You can develop a game using HTML5 canvas that works well on devices as old as iPhone3G with acceptable performance.
If you're aiming your game at the Facebook platform specifically then I'm going to assume this is for desktop only.
In this case HTML5 and IsogenicEngine would be perfect for creating the type of game you're talking about.

The performance in HTML5 for games is here now, no need to wait.
Be aware that you're going to need a quite advanced level of skill/experience to develop the kind of thing your wanting to. It's by no means a beginner level game for starting out. A game like Warcommander will have thousands of hours of development probably with multiple devs and artists.
I don't work for Irrelon. All comments are my own.
I would strongly encourage anyone building production projects with Isogenic to buy a premium licence, it costs very little and will help towards continued development of the engine. Irrelon have spent thousands of hours developing this wonderful platform with many features found in AAA game engine.
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