New user - IGE suitability for personal project

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New user - IGE suitability for personal project

Postby Timmymachine109 » Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:50 am

Hi guys,

New to the forum/engine so hello :) Have a few years experience coding in a number of different languages so not a complete noob to it all. Attempted to use Unity to create a game over last summer but I wanted to make an isometric game and it wasn't really suited. I've been messing around with the engine over the last few days and think it's really good, especially loving the fact that it handles networking for you! Have found the examples to really help while trying to learn how the engine works. Just have a few questions about the engine and it's performance before purchasing a personal licence.

What size is a realistic tile map for the game? I attempted to load a 1000 x 1000 tile map using 64x50 tiles and it was running at 0/1 FPS. This was probably just down to the way that I was using the engine as I am still pretty new to it. Are the tiles that are off screen loaded as well? Would I have to implement a system for myself to only load the tiles that are on the screen? Is the performance in the paid for version better?

Cheers for any answers you can give,

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Re: New user - IGE suitability for personal project

Postby robaldred » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:37 pm

Hi Tim.
Welcome it depends on your target audience.
If you're looking for your game to run on mobile browsers you're going to struggle with maps of that size.
On desktop it shouldn't be a problem but you need to use texturemap sections.
Sectioning is detailed in example 13.3-texturemap-sections.

It works by only drawing things that are in view, sections of the maps are cached in offscreen canvas' then drawn in view when need thus reducing draw calls and improving performance. This should improve performance over what you currently have.

If you need to support mobile devices with large maps you need to do some custom work on the engine which I've actually already done in a branch but I haven't got round to sending a pull request to get it implemented into the engine.
It means quite a few changes to the IgeTextureMap.js so that instead of caching offscreen sections they are ignored completely. This is because mobile devices have very limited memory especially Safari on iOS which is intentionally crippled by Apple to encourage developers to produce native apps.

I'd be happy to share my change with you if you need it.
You will need to purchase a licence though as I use the premium code and there are various differences between the trial and premium code.
I don't work for Irrelon. All comments are my own.
I would strongly encourage anyone building production projects with Isogenic to buy a premium licence, it costs very little and will help towards continued development of the engine. Irrelon have spent thousands of hours developing this wonderful platform with many features found in AAA game engine.
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