Performance issue with many entities (fps)

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Re: Performance issue with many entities (fps)

Postby ajm » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:26 pm

Thank you! Good to know I was at least following the right process. Was starting to think I was going crazy. Thanks for pointing to the two posts regarding breaking changes, saved a lot of time in updating the demo. For reference all I had to do to get the demo up and running was replace all instances of "size3d" with "bounds3d" and "_geometry" with "_bounds3d". I also removed the call to showStats and replaced it with the IgeEditor component. I've created another version of the demo using v1.4.5 of the Engine using the following settings:

    Set depthSortMode to 1 for the tilemap
    Set bounds (1 x tileWidth, 1 x tileHeight, 1 x tileHeight) for all entities
    Set depthSortMode to -1 for all entities
    No autoSection since the 3 building textures are separate assets

I noticed part of the FPS issue was the screen resolution so I tried two different resolutions:

Internet Explorer 9: 8fps
Chrome 35: 27fps

Internet Explorer 9: 10fps
Chrome 35: 39fps

The same settings in the old version of the engine produce the following results:

Internet Explorer 9: 8fps
Chrome 35: 27fps

Internet Explorer 9: 10fps
Chrome 35: 38fps

Unfortunately v1.4.5 of the engine had little impact on the performance of the demo. Chrome runs great but the Internet Explorer performance is disappointing considering there are no paths, animation or particles. Updating our game to v1.4.5 resulted in a lot more breaking changes particularly around mouseUp events and paths. I'm still trying to get the paths working. I will post the results if I can get it to work but based on the demo I'm not optimistic about a performance increase.

One quick question based on the breaking changes:

Use entity.triggerPolygon('bounds3dPolygon'); to do mouse hit testing against the isometric bounds cuboid, or entity.triggerPolygon('aabb');

I understand the bounds cuboid, but what is 'aabb'? Is that the bounds of the texture(s)?

Thanks again,
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Re: Performance issue with many entities (fps)

Postby robaldred » Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:20 pm

Fyi including the Editor does have a fairly high performance hit. You find that without include it performance will be good enough considering IE9s age its never going to have the performance of Google's JS engine.

The pathing system changed significantly from 1.3-1.4 I guess you'll just need to checkout the pathing demos which I'm sure you are already. I can help with any specific issues you're running into.

The mouse can now trigger over etc when you're either hovering the 3d bounds cube or the 2d texture. So yes like you said.
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