iso physics collisions listener?

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iso physics collisions listener?

Postby fmendez » Tue May 20, 2014 8:01 pm

i'm using IgeEntityCannon to set obstacles in iso.
How to listen collision as happen with IgeBox2d?
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Re: iso physics collisions listener?

Postby robaldred » Wed May 21, 2014 4:00 pm

Hello, welcome to the forum.
Please refer to example 6.3-physics-contacts

You'll need to be very familiar with box2d.
You define a box2d contact listener it's a wrapper around the standard box2d collision handling

Code: Select all

               // Listen for when contact's begin
               function (contact) {
                  console.log('Contact begins between', contact.igeEntityA()._id, 'and', contact.igeEntityB()._id);
               // Listen for when contact's end
               function (contact) {
                  console.log('Contact ends between', contact.igeEntityA()._id, 'and', contact.igeEntityB()._id);
               // Handle pre-solver events
               function (contact) {
                  // For fun, lets allow ball1 and square2 to pass through each other
                  if (contact.igeEitherId('ball1') && contact.igeEitherId('square2')) {
                     // Cancel the contact

                  // You can also check an entity by it's category using igeEitherCategory('categoryName')

IGE adds a few convenience methods to the b2Contact to give access to the ige entity that's involved in the collision.
Some are shown inaction in the 6.3-physics-contacts example

All the additional methods are:
  • igeEntityA
  • igeEntityB
  • igeEitherId
  • igeEitherCategory
  • igeBothCategories
  • igeEntityByCategory
  • igeEntityById
  • igeEntityByFixtureId
  • igeOtherEntity
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Re: iso physics collisions listener?

Postby rob » Wed May 21, 2014 6:08 pm

fmendez wrote:i'm using IgeEntityCannon to set obstacles in iso.
How to listen collision as happen with IgeBox2d?

I'm not sure cannon has that feature. Have you checked the cannon docs?
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