Village Makeover $500 milestone which leads to more work.

If you are looking for talented developers that are familiar with the Isogenic Game Engine or JavaScript in general, this is the place to post!

Village Makeover $500 milestone which leads to more work.

Postby darian311 » Sat Jun 11, 2016 7:49 am

Village Makeover is a web game built on HTML5 technology client side.
HTML5 Responsibilities
Ideal candidate know their way around pixel perfect graphics, css and style for html and jquery. Most of our content is isometric art that needs cleanup, proper offsetting for isometric grid.
Nearly all artwork is available but items need improvement especially with UI art.

Client side technology:
Isogenic Game Engine. ( javascript based game isometric.
Jquery 2.2.0.
Jquery-UI 1.11.4

Client Side Code to Improve:
Pull all HUD elements like navigation from inside the game canvas layer into a layer that can be managed by css.
Add a menu animation for cash/coins build.
Fix css for loading screen.

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