Integrate art and a few new features | fixed price

If you are looking for talented developers that are familiar with the Isogenic Game Engine or JavaScript in general, this is the place to post!

Integrate art and a few new features | fixed price

Postby darian311 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:12 pm

Village Makeover is a fundraising game for nonprofits. We help sustainable development NGO's raise money for real world development with virtual world development. The alpha is at | Our first nonprofit partner is | Seeds of Hope.
Our tech stack is google app engine python server side, isogenic jquery client side. All game config data is in google spreadsheets.

I'll be happy to share all the tasks we have to do and sort them into a $500 milestone and $1000 milestone with your feedback.
Also I manage development via Odesk if you want to build up reputation on a site but be warned they take 10%. We can arrange something via Paypal. Most of the existing client side code base was written Rob Evans so you have a great starting point. :D Feel free to message me at darian.hickman [at] Thanks in advance!
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