Programmer wanted for a learning game for inmates

If you are looking for talented developers that are familiar with the Isogenic Game Engine or JavaScript in general, this is the place to post!

Programmer wanted for a learning game for inmates

Postby arankwende » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:47 am

We are developing (as CSR for an NGO) digital lessons in different courses with the intent to help rehabilitate and incorporate into the working population, for the prison population in argentina (they have computers in every prison) and want to include a series of games (we have a game design team that would do both the design and illustration of the games), we are interested in developing the games (most are very simple, the first is a game to learn how to read and write for inmates that are still illiterate) with the isogenic engine and want to contact developers that could be a part of the project in order to understand their fees, previous work experience and availability.

Please contact me at
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