Looking for an Artist and Programmer to assist me

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Looking for an Artist and Programmer to assist me

Postby Demotis » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:29 pm

So I've been working on a 2d isometric game, and I'm looking for a 2d artist and a programmer to assist me in getting a playable demo ready. I'm looking for people that are interested in joining me in making this and as such would be entitled to a percentage of any money we might make. I'm not looking for freelancers, but I will look at the possibility of buying artwork on a per piece if the price is right.

Just be warned that while I have no problems sharing a fair % of profits with partners (percent will change if we have to bring on other partners) I am not promising that the game will make any money. I'm not making the game with these grand ideas that we will all become rich, or that the game is this great AAA game that is going to have millions of players. I'm doing it for fun and because I like the idea of the game.

So a little bit about what you would be getting into.

About Me:
I work on the game about 10 hours a week. I have a full time job, wife and a 14 yr old kid that I have to spend time with also. I don't ask that your spend anymore time into the project than I do, and I don't demand that you put as much time into the project as I do. Just add me to Skype (or whatever) and keep in touch. I live in the US, and understand there are these things called time zones, so I understand if you are not always on when I'm working. I am a programmer by trade (currently working with C#), and as such an the programmer on the project.

About the Development:
The game has made a few changes over the last few years. I started out as a Fantasy game written in PHP with a simple web page "MUD" style interface. After a major server crash and a failed backup I lost all the source and forced to start over. So I went back to the paper and started changing some stuff that I found didn't work well when I was programming it. When I started again I wanted to go Isometric and move to a less static and more interactive interface. About half way into making the engine I started looking into HTML5 and it's canvas element. So I got some books brushed up on my Javascript and got to work. I got a simple isometric engine created and started making some headway with the game. After playing with some of the calculations and the complexity of the interface I decided that the game would play a little better in a SciFi world. So I went back to the paper and started making the needed changes to incorporate SciFi units and buildings in the overall plan. I got back to work adding this new stuff to the game and server. Once I got to adding in canvas based UI elements I found that I was a bit over my head and started looking for a prebuilt library. I found a few but settled on Isogenic. I started converting what I have over to Isogenic about a week ago.

About the Game:
War Strategy / Resource Management. SciFi theme. There are elements of space theme, but the majority of battles are ground based. Players will have a home base where units / buildings / upgrades are created/built. They will then send troops to different planets to attack and gain control of land and resource generators. Once a player reaches a goal per planet they will then be "forced" to move to another planet with a new set of goals. As the players are competing with each other for the limited space and resources of a planet, forcing them to move to the next planet is a way to manage player levels by letting lower level plays have the chance to play without being dominated by high level players. It also keeps the players being challenged as they are constantly being pitted against players of similar level.

If you are interest in knowing more, or would like to offer your assistance please respond here or PM me.

Thank you for your consideration.
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